and it hurts

and it hurts

not to hold

your hand anymore

and it pains

to revolt

against Love for sure

so we burn, lies unfold

and we burst, truth untold

– no encore. 


Call for Submissions: Vampire Poetry

Dear People of VAMPoetry,

we are looking for new Gothic Poetry

to publish in our second anthology, VAMPoetry Vol. 2!

This time we’re looking for original pieces that:

1/ feature the VAMPIRE motif and

2/ are inspired by the theme of MUSIC/sound.

Poets participating in this project will get a free digital copy of the ebook.


  • We are looking for original poetry that features the vampire motif and the theme of music/sound.
  • Deadline for submissions: You can surprise us with your sonic lines of undeath till September 30, 2017.
  • Please send your submissions to (No attachments; instead, paste the poems directly into your email.)
  • You may submit up to five poems of any length and genre.
  • Please include a short biography (1 to 5 sentences).

Dragoneyne Serpenttongue


Dying Stars

Drowning in the most bloody of a wine

losing faith in our kind is my crime

wondering about the sense of passing time

pondering on the perfect but forgotten rhyme


Howling at the beauty of a full moon

dying starts illuminate the skies

I’m crawling underneath the light so bright

am seeking for oblivion of endless times 


Oh, how I wish to be one of the falling sparks



crucified unchristianly

the moment I want to be



forever cast into stone

is when I hold you inside my arms

the torment consuming me

I feel inside


whenever you turn, are gone

is when I long to be inside your arms

      but embracing your warmth

      is like chasing a ghost

      I can’t break from your charms

      as you torment and haunt me

      whenever you vanish

      once I manage to spot you

      whyever you banish

      me once I reach out – don’t flee!

the instant I want to be



forever lost and alone

is when you told me 

that I did you harm


Sleep Eternal

I wish to sleep

the one I never slept

dreamless and deep

for once and forever


no need to weep

over my dead body

my doleful soul

has never been alive


I wish to keep

the ones I tried to love

within my heart

always and forever


I wish to sleep


as my mind rots





disappear with the dust

Let’s fall into ashes

And disappear with the dust

I’m crumbling now just as

My searching soul – left long ago

Looking for sense – and finding woe

Put a stake through my heart

And redeem me from myself

And thee will be freed

From the pains of to be

Living with a dying self

And a senseless corpse like me 


Read our “Vol. 1” here

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`VAMPoetry Vol. 1´ – Free ebook out now!


Dear readers,

we are delighted to finally share our inaugural volume VAMPoetry Vol. 1 with you!

Follow the link to download the ebook for free and enjoy our vampire verses graced by beautiful art by Kirasene!

Let us know what you think and share with your friends!

VAMPoetry Vol. 1 is a collection of vampire verses compiled by the Gothic Poetry Journal VAMPoetry. Contributing poets Mark Green, Ronald Terry, Courtney Upah, Cheryl Ann Fletcher, Anatoly Belilovsky, Melinda Sands, Ray Prew, Josh Darling, Kelly Helen Thompson, Claire Marie de la Grange, Godfrey Tamilia, Robert Easton, Norbert Gora, Mathias Jansson, and Layla Ayobi present their original lines featuring the vampire motif. Enjoy our Gothic poetry and stunning artwork by Kirasene.

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